We are a small, friendly team and we pride ourselves on being open, approachable and dedicated – fostering strong relationships with our clients and making the design process simple, clear and enjoyable.

We are a small, friendly team and we pride ourselves on being open, approachable and dedicated – fostering strong relationships with our clients and making the design process simple, clear and enjoyable.


We like to build close working partnerships with our clients and gain an understanding of their business, their brand and their audience. We search for what makes the brand unique and develop that personality into an effective identity. The brand development process can be thought of in three stages: discovery, design and production.

The discovery stage is the first key step in the process as we aim to understand the business, the company culture and the client audience. This part of the process sets the tone for the identity between the stakeholders and our design team.

In the design stage we build on what we learn in the initial discussions, developing the visual identity and collateral with the company stakeholders. This part of the process is highly collaborative as we focus the ideas and design into building the core brand.

Once all of the elements are in place, the team move to the production of brand collateral and will continue to build on and to develop the ideas that define the brand look and feel.


At the heart of the studio is our ability to deliver a complete design service to our clients on a daily basis. We provide support across the brand – advising on and developing ideas into marketing collateral.

Day to day production
The daily support and production of collateral is a key service for our clients. Accuracy, speed and a consistently high quality of work are essential in ensuring that the design process is smooth and efficient. Many brands require a matrix of documents, designed for different tiers of information and audience. Our work begins in identifying the requirements and then building templates and guidelines to construct a suite of materials.

Beyond brochures
Promotional items, merchandising, exhibitions and logistics – the studio have built up a wealth of experience in running events and corporate exhibitions as well as delivering innovative items to promote the brand.

Print management
We have forged fantastic relationships with leading service providers in the print industry. Our suppliers are tried and tested – and our strict due diligence process ensures a high level of service with every vendor. Within the studio team, we have a wealth of experience in managing print across the industry.

Accessibility is a key area in public sector design and we carry the principles laid out in the WCAG regulations through all of our materials. We regularly advise our clients on the best way to implement the practices and build processes into the project workflow.


The progress of technology in digital media is continually revising the way in which we communicate – through social and interactive media, websites and experiential design. Media channels are constantly evolving and coupled with new technology, they drive the change in how we interact. In marketing terms, the goal remains the same – to communicate your message effectively to your audience. We build our digital content in house which gives us a great advantage in developing the design and production elements together with our clients and under a consistent creative direction.

Website design and development
Your website is often the first touchpoint for the company and it must work hard to deliver the purpose and values of the brand, as well as the information in a clear and consistent way. We select the best platform based on the requirements of each brief and build our websites with robust content management systems that hands control to the client.

Digital marketing
Organic SEO, targeted online advertising and email campaigns are all part of the toolkit we provide for digital marketing. Each campaign will have a different aim and each project begins with a discussion with key stakeholders.

Interactive media
As a studio we develop business apps, interactive media and games for our clients to create new content channels, to support events and as standalone marketing campaigns.


We aim to develop a consistent house style for photography and moving image within the brands that we work with, creating eye-catching, professional imagery that resonates with the audience.

Film and animation
Film and animation have become core elements in every brand strategy. Driven by development in technology and mobile infrastructure, this is a medium with great reach and visibility in communicating new ideas and products. For us, moving image is one of the strongest – if not the strongest channel a brand has for content marketing. We aim to create naturally engaging visual pieces to help our audience to easily digest complex information – something which is key in a crowded, data-heavy environment.

Developing a photographic style
The house style for imagery brings together the visual identity and tone of voice for a brand. When approaching a photographic brief, we consider our response in terms of the company principles, the audience we are trying to reach; and how it supports and demonstrates the collateral or a key message.